Door frame molding, honda civic 2006

The door frame rubber molding, drivers side, has been replace twice. It keeps rotting and the dealer keeps putting in new molding. I had it replaced at 8K and now at 20K. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I like the car, great mileage but this molding is something that I believe should not be happening. Any thoughts, ideas, etc. will be appreciated.

Sounds kind of strange given the vehicle is only 2 years old.

Is there some area of the door frame not smooth or perhaps out of line causing excessive indents or twists in the weather stripping?

Go to a Honda dealership (same one or different one) and compare your vehicles’ weather stripping to that of a '07 or '08 of the same model.

Have you been using emulsion protection/softener on it periodically?

If the weatherstripping is sticking to the door, it will get overstressed and tear. Clean the door surface where the rubber strip contacts it. Make sure it is smooth and clean. Then spray some silicone spray on a rag and rub it onto the rubber strip. Give it a good coat. You can spray it directly onto the weatherstripping if you don’t mind a little overspray. It won’t hurt the paint. It will keep the rubber supple and prevent sticking. Repeat this process every spring and fall as preventative maintenance.