2009 Honda Civic Sdn - Ripped stripping

Stripping on drivers side is all worn out & ripped.

I suggest that you have it replaced by the folks at a body shop.


I take it you are referring to the weather stripping on the door. For a new exact replacement, you will probably need to go to a dealer but it might not be available for a vehicle this old. You might be able to find it at a salvage yard. These pieces are usually not too difficult to replace.

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And once you get the weatherstripping replaced I recommend using silicone spray on it prior to winter. The weatherstripping can freeze to the door frame and tear when you try to open the door. Additionally, ozone (i.e., a component of pollution) can degrade rubber compounds and a coating of silicone might help prevent it.

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For some cars, the owner’s manual specifically says not to apply silicone. I use 303 protectant instead.



Noted. I used it on GM products with no ill effects. My Corolla hasn’t needed it in the nearly 10 years I’ve owned it, which leads me to believe the problem could be solved on the manufacturing end.