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Weatherstrip repair

Hello, The weatherstrip around the driver’s side door of my '98 Honda Accord is starting to fall off. Would you recommend I go to an auto store to buy some kind of glue to stick it back on? Or have a mechanic replace the weatherstrip? Or go to the dealer to have it replaced there? Thanks.

Decisions are hard to make, aren’t they? Idea two is more expensive than idea one. Idea three is very expensive. You could have a body shop mechanic reglue the strip. has a selection of weather stripping. Check their prices.

They sell weather strip glue in auto parts stores. I’d try gluing it myself before anything else.

If the weatherstrip is still in good shape… visit your local auto parts store to buy the glue.

On a car this old, I would do it myself.

I would go to a hardware store and ask an employee to recommend a good adhesive for the job. Personally, I favor rubber cement for such tasks.

I have had success using Super Glue and Crazy Glue on rubber gaskets that came loose on the hard saddle bags and windshield of my motorcycles.

Make sure the adhesive dries BEFORE you close the door.

Get 3M Super Weather-Strip Adhesive. Follow Directions Carefully.
(Professional contact glue with a proven track record.)


P.S. First, take a look at the weather strip. Often there are little pegs at intervals along the stip that push into holes in the metal door / body to hold it in place. Sometimes opening the door will pull loose a sticking or frozen weather strip. If it’s not torn badly, it can be reattached by reinserting the pegs.

Maggie, Not Exactly Sure What You’re Looking At Or How To Proceed ?

HelloKit was on the right track when he suggested an Auto Body / Collision Repair Shop.
Usually if you just stop by, a technician will take a quick look at it and give you useful advice.


Clean the old glue off as well as you can and reglue with 3m super weatherstrip adhesive part #08001 or 08008. Should do the trick.