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Door buzzer is non stop

I have a 1997 ford ranger with 170k. The buzzer goes off non stop like when you’re door is open. I’m worried it will drain my battery plus it’s annoying. Is there a fuse I can pull to make it stop? I’ve looked but
Can’t figure which fuse to pull. Or is there another way to make it stop. Don’t see a stuck button or anything on door Jam. Thanks in advance.

Can you find the buzzer - maybe under the dash above the pedals - and unplug it, or snip a wire to it?

Maybe its the headlight warning buzzer. Its to warn you that you forgot to turn off your headlight before exiting the car.

If this car has interior lights then there should be a door jamb switch somewhere. If it is not on the A or B pillar then look on the door itself.

It’s probably the door switch is stuck in the door open position. This could happen even if it appears that little button that activates the door switch seems to be working correctly. And of course it could be any of the doors, not just the driver’s door. Although it usually is the driver’s door switch that fails first, b/c that door is used the most. Suggest to figure out which one it is, then replace it. How to figure out which one it is , that varies vehicle to vehicle, but the switch itself usually has just two or possibly even just one wire going to it. If it is connected to ground the door is open, ungrounded closed, or vise versa. So find that wire pair or single wire for each door, and ohm it out for each switch.