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Phantom car alarm/lights

I have what appears to be a Door Ajar alarm short in my 2002 Ford Explorer. When it activates (frequently), the buzzer goes off and the interior lights flash on and off. It even does it when not driving, causing the lights to come on at random times and, if the car is locked, the security alarm goes off. I can’t lock my car anymore for fear of the alarm going off. There must be an easy fix - wire disconnect or something - for this very annoying issue.

It’s almost certainly the switch in the door latch. Cleaning and lubrication may resolve the issue.

Where do I find the switch?

It’s inside the door latch inside the door. The latch is the thing that holds the door shut.

Well, yes, I know what the latch is - duhhh, I read your post so fast I missed the “in the door latch” part. I’m blonde, but it’s fake so it doesn’t count