2002 hyundai door ajar bell

I had a door repaired at a local body shop after a deer vs. vehicle collision. After a lengthy ordeal, the car was returned with a door ajar bell that would ring sporadically. Some days it would not stop initially without some jiggling a time or two before closing. Other days, it would start ringing while driving after a bump or vibration in the road. Now , it is virtually impossible to get it to stop. I have switched door actuator switches from back to front with no change in symptoms.
I suspect a loose wire in the wiring instead of a problem in the actuator switch. How do I confirm the problem and is there a fuse that can be removed that only stops the bell in the meantime?

If the door needed work, maybe the door jamb is tweaked? I don’t know how much tolerance the jamb switch has, but the door may not be able to push in the plunger as far as it needs to go to turn off the switch. Maybe a homemade shim could help?


I don’t think a shim will solve it. The bell will not stop no matter how hard the plunger is pushed in manually.

Then, I think your right about the damaged wire. All it needs to do is ground out to active the door ajar beep and courtesy lights. Pulling the fuse will kill all power to the door ding and lights, and maybe other circuits, like the radio memory. The door switch wire needs to be traced for the damaged section. Most likely near where the wire passes through a body panel.

Why have you not taken it back to the body shop that did the work?

that s a good idea. they probably know just what wire they pinched…

I work and live two hours away from home and the guy is not open on weekends.

Remove the door panel and check the wiring. Move around the wires to the door switch. Hopefully you can stop it from dinging and find where the wire is chafed and shorting out.