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Toyota T-100 Headlights-Are-On Buzzer

Hey guys, I’m tired of leaving my headlights on when I park, draining my battery and leaving me in need of a jump. The lack of a buzzer or bell ringing to alert me as I’m getting out of the truck is the culprit. Is there anything I can add, some after-market thing, not too pricey? Thanks.

AFAIK it’s called a headlight minder. Maybe JC Whitney sells a kit.

This could be implemented simply using a 12V buzzer plus series diode wired between the switched power line from the ignition switch and the power line to the low beams.
When the headlight line is hot and the ignition line is off voltage appears across the buzzer and diode.
The diode blocks voltage to the buzzer when the ignition is on and the headlights are off.