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Headlight waring reminder

I am not a fan of bell’s and whistles on anything I own but yesterday I had a small problem I went to the store it was raining and I had the light’s on when I got home I forgot to turn them off I did not notice until about 3 hour’s later I got lucky and it started up witch was good as my battery charger bit the dust and I have not replaced it yet. My question is there some kind of buzzer or other warning device that would let me know the light’s were still on when the ignition switch is turned off that would be easy to install? 1990 ford F150.

All modern vehicles have a warning but I dont know about a 1990 Ford. You would have to look in the owners manual .

I googled “aftermarket headlight reminder” and found quite a few. Some examples-


I don’t have the owner’s manual but according to everything I could find it did not come with it.

Thank you for the link’s the one from napa is about what I was looking for I will check it out.

Probably needs a warning chime module.


They’ve had these as aftermarket devices for years. In the 1968 Lafayette Radio Electronics catalog, for the tidy sum of $1.99, one could have purchased a “Lite Buzzer”, which sounded off when one turned off the ignition without turning off the lights.

On the previous page, they had an “AH OOO GAH” horn for $10.95. Just what I wanted! :slight_smile:

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