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Car Lights Signal

My sister has a 2000 Honda Civic LS. The sound signal that notifies you if you leave the lights on inadvertently has died Despite being very careful she have more than once come out to a dead battery. Her usually excellent Honda dealer says they don’t know how to repair or replace it. Is there no solution?

I can give you a no-cost recommendation.

Just have her print the word, “LIGHTS” in large letters on an index card, and tape it to the top of her dashboard. Although multiple dead batteries did not serve to remind her to turn off her lights, perhaps a visual reminder would help.

Look for a different mechanic.

Make the next one a reputable independent one.

Ask around, friends, relatives, co-workers. (Ask who do you trust to repair your vehicle at a reasonable cost and with reliability)

No need to go to a dealership unless under warranty.

If something is man made it is either repairable or replaceable.

No such thing as ‘don’t know how to repair or replace’.

With a bit of wiring diagram study followed by a little testing, I’m quite sure this can be repaired to your and your sisters’ satisfaction.

The fact the warning bell (or buzzer) doesn’t sound MAY lead to a parasitic drain on the battery.

Perhaps there is just a dirty/loose or corroded wiring connection involved.

Thanks for your smartass answer. It is not a question of her being careless or forgetful. She is very careful about it. However, because of where the light on/off switch is located it is very easy to switch the lights on even after you think you have turned them off. So thanks for nothing! Needless to say I will not pass your suggestion on to her.

These things often look like relays, and are plugged into a relay/fuse panel somewhere under the dash. I’d look for a similar car, ask the owner if you can turn on the lights to make the thing beep, and search it out with your ears and fingers. I bet it unplugs easily and can be replaced.

VDCdriver’s suggestion was a reasonable one. I think that your response was rude. VDCdriver did not call your sister careless, but I will. Responsible drivers look over their vehicles both before they get in and before they walk away.

As BeadsandBeads correctly stated, my suggestion was not made in jest. Just as a professional pilot does a shutdown check of his aircraft, a responsible driver does the same thing–especially if the driver has run into problems previously.

I think that she needs a visual reminder. However, if you don’t feel that she needs a reminder of this type, then you should certainly feel free to ignore my practical suggestion.