Assistive devices for hearing impaired drivers

Can any one point my in a direction where I can find something for the warning chime for leaving the lights on? The tone is in the range of the hearing loss, and we have left them on several times. The dealer has been no help. Thanks you.

I doubt of anything like this will exists.

In my old pickup I had no warning, but I painted the surface area that was in the up position on the lightstalk switch dayglo orange. When the lights were on and I went to exit the truck the orange was a visable signal that I’d left the lights on. It sounds crazy, but it worked.

Is it really that hard to learn to remember to shut the lights off without the chime? Perhaps you should simply get in the habit of looking back at the car as you walk away from it to make sure the lights are off. You would think after doing this several times, you would learn to adapt.

Adapting to such major changes later in life ( my wife lost the vision in her right eye at 52 ) really does mean…

Re-learning the way you do things.

This is not being mean , this is a fact of life.
You have to re-train the sub-concious. Practice the new until it becomes habit, and ask those around you daily to remind you.

Oh, sure someone could rig up a little flashing light to that circuit , but the real sulution is actually simpler.

We thought of this, but the switch is on switch is out of the line of sight, and we’d miss it.

We are doing this, but we can’t tell some times with the light reflecting. We’re both LD. This whould be fun. :slight_smile:

We’re getting better but it’s hard.

The car is a 2010 Jetta TDI. My feeling is with all the technology of today, this should be an easy simple reprogramming of the computer. Similar to changing the ring tone in your cell phone. Relatively easy for most people. Besides, this could be a new marketing item for the manufactures. I could see it now, custom sounds for your car at $2.00 each. Now if I was smart enough to figure this out on my own…