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Looking for a particular clip, where can I buy that?

I am looking for a cowl panel retainer clip for 2006 Sentra. It looks like this is the clip, (Item number for this vendor 66820-3S510, not too sure of Nissan’s OEM number)

I have checked 100s of listings on ebay and amazon that claim to have Nissan specific retainer clips assortment but I didn’t find this clips in those boxes.
Checked with the local dealership as well but they don’t have it.

Where else I can buy these without spending like $5-10/clip. Any guidance is appreciated.

(Because of lack of these clips, the cowl panel does not fit perfectly on the windshield. As a result, dried leaves slip through the crevice and rot, smelling everything inside of the car).

They’re called push clips.

Most parts stores sell them under the HELP brand.


Thank you. Dorman’s website can’t find anything. These push clips are available on ebay but this specific clip, I am unable to find. Not too sure if I can mod any other clips to serve the purpose.

Hence was checking, if anybody can check their professional source for the part number so that I can focus my search. I will stop by local AutoZone and see if they have any.

Alternately Amazon sell boxes of assorted clips.

clip #1950

this set is even better:

you made me spend $8 :slight_smile:

the clip you want is one of these two:

Why not try a local body shop . If they don’t have any they could certainly tell where you can get them.

This is it, probably. Will get this one.