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What is this part called and where can I get it?

Hey All,

I recently had some audio work done in my car since the previous owner had removed the system. (2004 Civic LX Coupe)

During the process the drivers side door had to be removed and the plastic cover that covers up the screws of the door handle got lost.

I was wondering what exactly this piece is called and where I could find it? I know it might be dumb to look for it, but it’s really starting to bug me for some odd reason.

Screw trim cover? Just go to a Honda dealer, they can pull it up on their parts computer file and either sell you some or order some.

I think everybody here understands this kind of obsessiveness. Anyhow, another source of replacement part wouldbe a salvage yard. Cheap, if you can find 'em.

+1 to Texases comment. The dealer will have access to an “exploded view” drawing and be able to identify exactly what the part is.

‘‘the plastic cover that covers up the screws’’ is called…the plastic cover that covers up the screws ;))
really, your using words to describe it…IS IT ! Yes that’s good enough, you’ve done a good job of describing exactly what you want. Tell that to your Honda dealer, you don’t need anything more.

That’s a heck of a lot better than much of what I get out here in the language barrier four corners where english is a second or third language to Navajo, Zuni, Arabic, Spanish AND… english !

I tell my customers, “Just describe it, tell me where it is, what it looks like, what it does or doesn’t do, what doesn’t work now, and along the way…you name it.”

The newest technology of cel phonees had made my job much much easier these days. My customer drives 90 miles from Chinle Az and wants ‘‘one dis kine’’…flips out his cel phone and shows me a picture. Beautiful ! now we’re talkin’ right parts.
I learned 30 years ago not to quibble over the exact term for the part when a description is good enough.

True Story :
Sometimes The Manufacturer Doesn’t Even Know What To Call A Part, So They Use The Word “Escutcheon” .


Screw hole caps.

I want to know, How to you remove passenger Civic’s door panel,- Speaker doesn’t work, and the solenoid to the door lock is very, very weak.

Chewing gum holder.

Yep about $8 w/o tax at the dealer. Apparently it’s called a “cap”

The terminology is always different and that does throw a monkey wrench into the works sometimes. I’ve always called them trim buttons.

If you look at some auto parts websites on steering components you would find that they often refer to both the inner tie rod and outer tie rod end as “tie rod” or “tie rod end” when they’re not one and the same. More than once I’ve asked for a specific one and the parts counter person seems to always bring the other…