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Dome Light on 03 Honda CRV

In hooking up a overhead DVD player it shorted out the Controlled Ground (Delay)(DOOR) Wire, now the dome light works still in the ON position but not in the AUTO position with the doors. It is very frustrating of a night when getting out and can’t see. I’m not sure if it is a relay or a module that has gone bad and where it would be located. I know it’s not a fuse because I have already check for that and I’ve checked the Controlled Ground Wire before it went bad and after with a meter. I hope you can help with this little but aggravating thing, it would make life so much easier. Thanks, Nathan

I assume your testing showed there was 12 volts on the wire after the problem happened, which would mean the lead isn’t making a ground connection.

You would be wise to invest in a factory service manual for the car. It will have all kinds of good info about things on the car and where to find them. You can usually find them on Ebay for a good price. It is some of the best money you can spend on the car.

You can find a wiring diagram to your car here:
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