Mysterious electrical problems


I have a 2004 Accord. The radio died a slow death (going on and off at will.) It’s finally dead, now. The other strange thing, is the the dome light comes on when I make a left turn. The mechanic I took it too couldn’t figure it out, and told me to take it to the dealer. Any advice would be appreciated!

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My guess is the radio was the subject of a poor connection, likely a ground, but it might be the positive cable.  

The light I would guess is the door switch, going out, or maybe be just a cleaning of it may take care of it.   This is one of the few places that WD-40 can be helpful. 

Good Luck

Fuse 5 and 32 under the dash feed the audio unit fuse 6 feeds the driver and passenger courtesy lights. 5 & 6 are fed from 15 & 22 under the hood and they come right off the battery. 32 is fed from the ignition switch. Dead radio could be a bad fuse, bad ignition switch or shorted wire. Being both problems are from 15 & 22, I would start there.

Does the passenger door shut correctly? I’d guess that the switch that the passenger door presses on to turn off the dome light is failing or not adjusted correctly. You could verify my theory by leaning over and pressing on the passenger door without unlatching it, which would simulate the forces on the door when turning left. If the light comes on, you’ve found the culprit. If the car is a 4-door, it may be the back door causing the problem also.