Doesn't initially move

Just recently bought a 07 Nissan Maxima SE. Has a few issues.

  1. The car sun roof does not work at all. It worked the day I bought it though.

  2. Has issues turning on. Cranks slowly then after a few seconds of struggle it turns. Didn’t have this issue when I bought it.

  3. Goes idle when first starting to drive. From park, I put the car in drive, or reverse, and let go of the brake, it basically does nothing. Engine is on as if it were in park or neutral, but the car doesnt move. When I press the gas it takes a few seconds before it decides to actually move.

Any thoughts?


Before you spend too much time dwelling on the sunroof issues, I strongly urge you to take the car to a competent mechanic in order to have the other two–potentially more important–issues checked-out.

The starting issue could be from a heat-soaked starter–if this problem crops up after trying to restart the car after driving for awhile. If it takes place even in the morning, on the first attempt to start it, the problem could be the result of a bad electrical connection at the starter, or it could indicate the need for a new starter. Please clarify when this starting problem crops up.

The issue of the car not moving when you place it into gear is potentially…ominous.
It could indicate the need to replenish transmission fluid that has fallen to a low level.
Or, it could mean that trans failure is imminent.
I suggest that you check the trans fluid level right away, and report back to us on…
the level…
the color…
and the odor of the fluid.

I think I know the answer to these questions, but I will ask them anyway:
Did you have a mechanic inspect this car before you bought it?
Is the Check Engine Light lit up?

If the transmission fluid level is at the correct level with a red or pink color, then your next step is to visit a good local transmission shop (not a chain) for a diagnosis of what’s going on. You could get lucky with something cheap, but be prepared for bad news.