Starting trouble

I have a Nissan maxima GLE 2001.

Recently my car is giving trouble usually in the morning where it starts OK but when I press the gas pedal it is reluctant to move forward. It jerks slightly while it is moving forward as if it doesn’t have pickup. After couple mins of drive I do not see the problem. Please advise what may be wrong and what is best to do. thx

Not really enough information given, but I’ll take a stab at it. I have to assume that this is an automatic transmission because you say “when you press the gas”, but don’t mention letting out the clutch? yes or no? If it’s an automatic are you starting it and just driveing off right away? Automatics need a little warm up time to get at least a little bit of pressure built and the atf fluid circulating, especially if it has a lot of miles on it, the weather is cold, or if it hasn’t been serviced regularly. Please post more information with future questions. No one will complain about getting too much imformation.

Thanks for your response. yes, it is an automatic transmission car and it has 83K miles on it. I think i am trying to drive almost right away after starting but I also believe that I have been doing the same in the past and I do not recall having problem. I also would like to add another observation is that when I start the car and have to change gear, sometimes i have to make multiple attempts before I can succeed in pressing the clutch. Not sure about this problem. Any feedback is appcreciated. I am unsure if it is an expected behavior because it is getting old or something went wrong that I need to fix. thx

O K CSRAAVI Now I’m confused.
You have an automatic trans but you say -----> sometimes i have to make multiple attempts before I can succeed in pressing the clutch. <— Please explain this part…

YOUR WORDS —> i am trying to drive almost right away after starting but I also believe that I have been doing the same in the past and I do not recall having problem. <----- If you have been doing this in the past you have just increased the wear and tear on your transmission and made it old before it’s time. It worked ok before, because it was newer, but now it is getting more worn out. You need to let it warm up at least a few minutes before dropping it in gear and driveing off. It may survive if you will do this from now on.

I’m completely confused. You say it is an automatic transmission, but you say you can’t depress the clutch. So it is an automatic or a standard (stick, 5 speed) transmission?

When was the last time the car had new spark plugs?; spark plug wires?; new air filter?; etc. It sounds like a car that needs some basic tune up parts. When a car runs fine when warmed up but has running problems just upon starting and before it warms up often a “tune up” is in order. That is new plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor.

What is the maintenance history on the car over the past 12 months? How many miles on the car now? This kind of info will help narrow down the possibles to pinpoint your problem.

Thanks fo ryour response. The car is an “AUTOMATIC” transmission. I meant clutch for the hand gear where we use for putting the car into parking and back to DRIVE. During this time i press the button with right thumb, sorry being dumb :frowning:
This button always doesn’t get pressed, so I have to try couple of times before I can succeed in pressing and then only I change the gear from say park to drive.
The car has got 83,000 miles on it and I believe it has got 75K service. I don’t recall any tuneup was performed.
Please advise if a tuneup or a spark plug change might do. But again this is only a morning issue or if during startup only but no problem during running. Please advise. thx

OK I understand, that is just the lockout to keep from accidently shifting into the wrong gear.

I still am not sure if you are talking about an engine sluggishness problem or a balky transmission that is slipping untill it gets warmed up for a minute.
Why don’t you try this on the next morning. Start the car and try and drive off quickly like you usually do. If it does this jerking thing, put the trans in neutral and give the engine some throttle. Does the engine runs smooth. If it does then it might be the trans. warm up problem. If the engine runs rough then it is a tune up issue.
You need to find out which it is before we can give you much advice on this.

One thing to consider on this vehicle. It has 83,000 miles on it, and it runs fine with no problems if you let it warm up for just a minute. This would indicate that the engine does not need a tune up.
If it only takes a minute of warming up, why not do this and then you wouldn’t have to spend any money. The mechanic is liable to spend your money on things your car doesn’t really need, and you STILL might have to warm it up for a minute after you have spent all this money.

I would suggest two things. First, it appears your are due for some service, like spark plugs, wires, etc. How long since you last changed the air cleaner? How about the fuel filter? I suggest all those should be done now.

The other thing relates to the transmission. Has the transmission fluid ever been changed? I would suggest that it is time to change it. Changing the fluid (also make sure the pan is dropped and the filter cleaned) will help prevent future problems, but don’t count on it to fix existing problems; possible, but not likely. When you have it done, ask them if the fluid looked and smelled OK.

My guess is maintenance, not repair is needed.

Thanks for your advise. I got the transmission oil replaced couple months ago. I will get the general service done and ask for spark plugs cleaup etc. Thanks again