Nissan Maxima will not start

My 1993 Maxima at times will not start. There is no rhyme or reason for it not starting. Either that or I have not found a particular reason or reasons for why it will not start. Sometime it is over night and at times it may happen when it sat for a couple of hours. Took it to a garage which they check the battery, starter, ignition switch, starter relay and all was okay. Any advice?

There are lots of things that count as not starting. So you need to describe exactly what happens when you turn the key. You should also give basic info about the car like mileage and some clue as the state of recommended maintenance.

Thanks. The car does absolutely nothing if I turn on the lights they do not dim as the ignition is turned and there is no other noise from the engine compartment expect the fuel pump.

If the lights work and nothing happens when you turn the key as described, and all that stuff you listed has been checked…I would say you should have them check the neutral safety switch or the shifter. Sometimes the shifter will be a little tiny bit out of ‘Park’ which will cause the car not to start. The same will happen if the safety switch has a bad connection. Next time it happens, put your foot on the brake, shift the car into ‘Neutral’ and try to start it. If it works, then something is wrong with one of those two item and you can have your favorite shop check it out. Good Luck!