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Nissan-Jump start!


I have a 2005 Nissan Maxima SE. Recently, the car does not move immediately once it is in gear. It waits for a few seconds then it jumps like a released spring. I wonder what the culprit is.

Thank you

Transmission problem. Check your transmission fluid level, hopefully it’s low, in which case this is an easy fix. Also, automatic transmissions are computerized these days, you could call a Nissan dealership and ask if they have any software updates to the transmission computer.

Yes, hopefully it is just a case of low transmission fluid.
However, since transmission fluid does not evaporate, simply refilling it is not the total answer. If your fluid level is low, you need to take it to an independent trans shop to determine the source of the leak and then, hopefully, fix the leak.

Thank you for your advice. I took the car to a Nissan dealership and told them about the possible transmission problem. They checked the car and told me the battery was bad. I had the battery replaced and strangely the problem went away! So, the culprit was the low battery.