Does my car have an alarm system?

I purchased a used car, a 1995 Mazda 626, and forgot to ask the previous owner whether or not there is a car alarm system. How can I determine if there is one without attempting to break into my car?

Finding acessorie wiring at the battery would make me suspicious that the car had a aftermarket alarm.

If you have an adventursome spirit & love taking risks you could try the folllowing.

Lock the car with the remote, this should set the alarm.

Try “stealing” the car by unlocking the door with the key.

If you’re lucky there is no &*%^$& alarm & nothing happens.

Not so lucky & the alarm will start blasting away.

Now put the key in the ignition & turn it to the run position.

If you’re lucky alarm stops blasting.

Not so lucky & the alarm will drive you crazy until you disconnect the battery.

A MUCH better idea is to look in the owners manual. Did it come with the car??