Car Alarm Dilemma

I have inherited a car with an alarm system that I know nothing about. No owner’s manual, no manufacturer’s name. Nada. Somehow, the alarm’s been tripped and now my car will not start and screams at me itermittently. I’ve tried to find a “kill switch” inside my car (some kinda black button around the dash?) to no avail. Any thoughts??

If the alarm system has been added to the vehicle your best help may be to take the car to a shop that works on alarm systems. They may be able to find out the details of the system and get you a controller for it or, just remove it. If the alarm system came with the car then the dealer service department may be able to help you out.

most shops install the alarm’s brain either under the center console behind the radio or tucked up above the pedals. If you can find the brain it should have a label that will tell you which alarm you have.