Car Alarm from Hell: The 2003 Mazda 6


My next door neighbor 2003 Mazda 6 alarm keeps going off at all time of the day and the night. Its driving me nuts. We have been trying to figure how to fix it. The dealership wants to charge her $100 just to look at it but said that they probably can’t fix it unless it goes off while its in the shop. I feel bad for her since she is graduate student from China and very tight on money. We have being trying to figure how to shut the alarm off or make it less sensitive. Other than removing the car horn, I cannot figure how stop that alarm.



Go into the passenger compartment and look behind the driver’s side kick panel. Is there a small white knob there with an LED? If so, they have a shock sensor installed (which sounds likely), and the white knob is the sensitivity adjustment. Just try turning it one way or the other, and shaking the car. The LED should light when the shake would have been enough to set the alarm off. The sensitivity may just be so high that a slight vibration or breeze might set the alarm off.

Sounds like eraser1998 just might have the answer.

Another thing you can try until this is fixed is to lock the car with the key.

From the owners manual for my 02 Sonata:

  1. Close the doors
  2. Press the lock button on the transmitter.
  3. All doors will lock and the turn signal lamp will blink to indicate the system is armed.

The Mazda probably sets the alarm the same way.

I don’t know about the this Mazda, but many Fords have a switch that reads the door key lock and will arm the alarm. However, manually locking the door from the inside (not with the electric switch) may prevent the alarm from arming.