Removing an aftermarket car alarm


I have a Prestige APS-100 car alarm that was already installed in the 1993 Corolla Wagon we bought used. It didn’t appear to work when we bought it and thought nothing of it until my son was playing with the remote one day and activated it. It has been a pain ever since. It seems to be activated by common car alarm remotes and lightning. We’ll go back to our car and spend 20 minutes trying to disable it. Well today’s adventure was the last straw as it would not deactivate at all and ran until the battery died stranding my wife our 2 year old and our 4 day old child in the Florida heat. How can I remove this infernal device? I finally found the box and disconnected it as the battery was dying, but now since the remote isn’t working, I can’t start the car (because it’s still activated) and wont let the starter crank up the car. Some one help me! I’m not a big car person, but I can figure stuff out with a little direction. I do have the wiring schematics too, but nothing else. I hate this darn alarm!


I may be wrong but I believe the alarm/security system is wired into the ignition system.

Exactly where I couldn’t say.


Have you tried contacting the alarm’s manufacturer? I had a similar situation with a car I bought and when I contacted the manufacturer they told me how to disconnect it (just pull out the connector on the “brain” as they called it. Since you have the remote, they may also be able to get you an owner’s manual so that you can actually use the thing if you want to.


If you get under the dash on the drivers side close to the steering column you will most porbably see a little black plastic box that just looks out of place. There may be two of them. Trace the wires to see if they tap into the original wires of the car. That would be your alarm, one box is the control and the other is the movement box. Just disconect them.