Does it damage a car door to partially shut it & then bump it shut?

I was with my boyfriend the other day & when I got out of his pickup and pushed the door, it didn’t shut completely. So I bumped it with my hip and it latched.
Boyfriend claims this is bad for the door but I can’t see why this would be. Anyone know?

Mostly because you could dent the door and that will not make the owner happy so stop doing that .


Done it when needed since 1968, never hurt anything in my experience. Car doors are one thing, relationships are another.

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Using your hand instead of the hip would reduce the chance of scratches or dents is all.

This doesn’t always work. I always open it again then shut it in 1 go. If you won’t humor your boyfriend in this, perhaps you should get a new one.

It depends where you push the door. If it is in the middle of the door, you might dent it. If at the edge, no problem. Body panels are thinner than they used to be to save weight. If the door is locked, opening means your beau must unlock it, or you could just push it shot at the edge. Watch out for pinched fingers, btw.

This doesn’t hurt a thing as long as you bump the door somewhere near the door jam. Some doors with thin skins might dent if you bump the door in its center, but I assume you’re not doing that. I’ve been “bumping” my doors closed for as long as I can remember. having been disabled for many years, I don’t always get mine shut all the way with the first try.

However, it’s his truck, so I recommend you respect his wishes whether I agree with them or not. What he’s requested is certainly not an imposition on anyone. We all have our eccentricities.

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Why is it that some people have to keep their hands on the door until it actually latches? I let go when the door is within one inch of latching. In effect, I’m “throwing” the door closed. Otherwise, I’d be putting small dents by the handle. This is especially true when people close their trunk lids. You’d think that they were jamming closed an overstuffed suitcase on their first trip to Europe. Two hands on that trunk lid, and push hard, why don’t you!!!

I used to have a boss who slammed car doors so hard that I was always in fear of shattering glass. I guess that she grew-up in “the good old days” of poorly-aligned doors on American cars, but the way that she forcibly jam-closed the doors of modern Japanese cars was nothing short of ridiculous.

I concur w/OP on the technical merits of the argument, bumping the door w/her hip to close it is unlikely to do any damage to the door. But a man and his truck? It’s a complicated relationship. Suggest to not try to understand why, and defer to him on this. Not so much for the sake of the truck, but for the sake of the friendship.

Years ago one of my gf’s complained that I park too far away from the entrance to the store. She quickly became an ex-gf.


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Well articulated. :grin:

For the record, I wondered about the “small dents” comment too. Boney hips? Keys in the pocket? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’ve found that some people with less upper body strength might need to open the door wide and slam it. So, If that’s what your BF wants you to do, it’s actually easier on the latch to push it with whatever provides the most “mass” and if it’s your hip, have at it. If your BF is worried that pushing on the door near the handle with your hip might dent the door, it’s time he got a more sturdy truck.

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It’s time to get a new girlfriend, My truck, my rules, which are very few.
No feet on the dash.
Don’t change AC/heat or radio, ask me to do it.
Don’t slam the door.
And no messy type food, burgers, tacos that kind of thing.

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I’ll give you no feet on the dash…the other 2? kind of ridiculous. enjoy life as a bachelor!


I think it depends on what you are wearing when you bump the door with your hip. If you have designer jeans on with rivets in them, both the harsh material and rivets could scratch the door.

Okay, just don’t do it!

I had a relative who would usually need rides from me, older female. She would slam the car door so hard, I always felt the driver door is going to pop open. I learned very quickly to get out, open the door for her and then close it MYSELF. Maybe that was the point she was trying to make but was annoying nonetheless.

I think what’s at issue is that he asked you not to do it to his truck and you came here to see if you could prove him wrong to invalidate the reason he gave.

Maybe you should date someone you respect more in general, because if the situation were reversed, I’d tell him he shouldn’t need a reason to respect you and your things.

Not that it should matter, but I don’t think it is bad for the door.


No feet on the dash.
Don’t change AC/heat or radio, ask me to do it.
Don’t slam the door.
And no messy type food, burgers, tacos
Crap you just took all the fun out of life.


A coworker of mine driving (for him) a prized BMW offered to give me a ride to work one day, which was nice of him. The downside, he wouldn’t allow me to drink a cup of coffee along the way. That was the only time I asked him for a ride. Maybe that was his plan all along? :wink:

I should add I brought a cup of coffee for him too, which he also refused to allow in the car … lol …

I liked your solution. You solved the problem with respect and consideration.

People can make way too much of a very simple request that doesn’t create an imposition on anyone. There are way too many times when people become immediately defensive over some minor (often perceived) offense that the offender didn’t even realize he/she was doing, even to the point of initiating conflict. If we could simply respect others and realize that people can’t read our minds, the world would be a much better place.

I should point out that the young lady who posed the original questions simply asked if her boyfriend’s fear that bumping the door closed would really harm it. She made no allusion that she was upset.

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