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Car door slamming

my girlfriend has what i believe is a used suzuki grand vitara xl-7. she says that everytime i enter or exit her vehicle, i slam the door. and while i will admit i may do that, i have been trying to stop. this argument has come to a head as today she called me and tole me her door has started to rattle. this call comes a little under a week since the last time i have been in her car, and since i changed how i close the doors, a little under 2 since i slammed it. she, however blames me for the sudden ratteling sound. i pose this question to you, my fellow forum-goers, how likely is it that i am responsible for the rattle. as she is not talking to me at the moment, i will be unable to find out anymore information, but i will post more when i am able.

All you door slammers should pay up.Why don’t you fix it for her?

You are not sure what kind of car it is? or you are not sure it is used?

not sure of the year. i know that it is used, and i know that it is a grand vitara, not sure on the xl-7 part. i am no mechanic. i am clumsy, and more often than not, i break things without meaning to. but i am pretty sure that i am not responsible for this. it has been over a week and a half since i have slammed the door. i now close the door with one of my hands in the way of the door, so that if i pull it all the way shut, it would close on it. i then pull the door the remaining amount shut with as little strength as possible. also, it has been 6 days since i have even seen the car.

This sounds like a warning you should heed. Do you want to be blamed for everything that goes wrong for your girlfriend for the rest of your lives together? Do you want to face the silent treatment every time she is mad at you? If not, RUN! She is far too obsessed with her car and far too quick to jump to anger.

In all honesty, it really depends on where the rattling sound is coming from. It could just be a penny resting in the little shelf at the bottom of the door for all I know. If it comes from the door, it might be your fault, but the real issue of this topic should be her hot temper. You probably deserve better.

it is not exactly the silent treatment. it is more like she just wants to not talk at the moment so neither of us say something we regret. as you saw in the post she just found about this today, probrably just before she called me to rant. i have the feeling that if this was not her first car, it would not be such a big deal, but as a FIRSTCAR™ she has certain unrealistic expectations of how it is going to function.

Suzuki’s like all doors don’t like slamming. If you occasionally stall a manual tranny, you’re easy on the clutch. If you occasionally fail to fully close a car door, you’re likewise doing right by it.
Door slammers get no compassion as they are usually inconsiderate…tone it down, have the door fixed and mend your ways.
You seem to lack sensitivity…start taking ballroom dancing lessons with her and show her a new man.

She’s not being unreasonable about the car…

ok. i am going to ask my question here one more time, with no background information. could i reasonably be responcible for a rattle that has started 6 days after the last time i even saw the car and 1 week 6 days from the last time i slammed it.

by using the word “slamming,” i am using my girlfriends definition of what i do. i give the door 1 quick tug using very little arm strength so that the door closes with a sound best described as whumph.

Yes, you are slamming the door.
Yes, you should pay to have the door fixed.
Stop being an oaf who does not own up to his failings and his lack of responsibility.

I guess you keep asking till someone agrees…from here it “ain’t gonna happen”. If she thinks you did, you did. Pay for it and give her no more reasons to complain.

You are very lucky at this point. Run! Change your future. If you two are ever on speaking terms, look for loose parts. Be sensitive to machinery if you can; worry about people later, but don’t wait too long. All doors are not created equal. Body integrity is rated worse than average on that Suzuki / Chevrolet Equinox.

could i reasonably be responcible for a rattle that has started 6 days after the last time i even saw the car and 1 week 6 days from the last time i slammed it.

How do you know she even opened the passenger door in those 6 days? I assume you are talking about the passenger door. It may have happened the last time you slammed the door, or slamming it weakened/loosened something that later started to rattle. On the other hand, it might not be related at all. I can’t tell from here and neither can anyone else. I would suggest that you have 2 options, suck it up and take the blame or walk away because you clearly don’t like her criticism and she’s not going to stop criticizing you if she perceives you’ve done something wrong. Only you can know if she is worth it.