Where to find Podcast for #1224 (6.16.2012 show)

I missed last week’s show and wanted to download it to my mp3 player. I can find the show particulars from this website -> “Our Show”-> “Browse” ->“June”, but when I click the “Download” option, it takes me to the NPR download page which downloads the current week’s show instead (#1225). I know I can get it from Itunes, but technical difficulties on my end means I can’t use Itunes. I can only download the mp3 directly. I realize there is a fee to download archived shows, but it seems like I used to be able to access the mp3 of the prior week’s show somehow without using Itunes, but can’t remember how I did it. If there’s a way to listen to the show w/out downloading, that works too. Anybody know?

This page has all the options for downloading the podcast, including non-itunes options:



Doug Mayer
Car Talk

“This page has all the options for downloading …”

Worthless response.

Time to give “Car Talk” a decent burial and to move on.

@SeniorWebLackey … thanks, but that’s the page for the direct mp3 link to the current show, #1225. I don’t see a way to download #1224 on that NPR page though, except via Itunes. I need a direct link to #1224’s mp3 in other words. Am I missing something or is it not possible?

Yea, sorry-- NPR handles the podcast for us, and that’s all we’ve been steered to for support info. I’m not personally familiar with non-itunes options. You might try dropping them a note, via their help center, for info: http://help.npr.org/npr/consumer/search.asp


Doug M

As I said, the response from the Senior Web Lackey was worthless.

Regarding: Access to the free NPR podcast of the prior week’s show.

Ok, it took me 9 months, but I finally figured out how to access the Car Talk podcast for the prior week’s show from NPR’s Car Talk podcast page. First, surf to the NPR podcast page for the show. From CarTalk.com, click on “Show Podcast (free)” near the top of the page, then click on the “NPR Directory” link, then – and this is the magic part I just discovered – click on the little orange box labeled “Pod” about 2/3 of the way down the page on the left. You’ll then have the rss podcast page which lists both this week’s and the prior week’s show mp3 podcast.

Hope that is of some help to Car Talk podcast fans, in case you forget to download the podcast. With this info, we now have a one week’s grace period.