Dodge Stratus gas gauge bouncing around

I have a 99 Dodge Stratus w/ +191K miles. Recently the gas light would come on and the needle would drop down to “E” then go back up to where it started…regardless of how much gas is in the tank. Once the tank drops below half a tank, the light stays on and the needle goes all the way down to “E”. I have no way of knowing how much gas is in the tank and I have to judge it by mileage. What’s going on?? Is this an easy (inexpensive) fix??

Not really expensive, but not exactly “easy”.

I had a '97 Stratus with the same issue, it turned out to be the sending unit in the fuel tank. You have to drain and drop the tank to get to it.

We just went by miles as you are doing now. I am so used to it with my motorcycle that it was never a big deal.