Dodge stratus

I have a 2002 Dodge stratus with about 60,00 miles on it. Pretty good car, but now I’ve been noticing after the car is good and heated up from driving, when I come to a stop at a light or something, my oil light will flicker on. There is enough oil in the engine according to the dip stick. As soon as I take my foot off the brake and accelerate, the oil light stops lighting up. Anyone got an idea?

If there are no unusual noises from the engine while the light is flickering, the most likely cause is a defective oil pressure sending unit. This is located on the engine, next to the oil filter.


While I believe Tester is right, it would not hurt to make sure you are using the right oil. Check your owner’s manual and see what it specifies. Make sure you or whoever is changing the oil is using what is specified. Don’t rely on the oil change place to get it right, especially if you are using a quack lube place.

What’s this sending unit? Just like some kind of sensor? Can I pick one up at the local pep boys you think?

Yup, there are two possibilities. Either it’s just the sender (cheap), or you really do have low oil pressure (maybe not so cheap). Either try replacing the sender or have someone check the pressure with an accurate gauge. Don’t just assume it’s a bad sender and ignore it.