Fuel gauge 2000 300M

MY 2000 300M has a problem with the fuel gauge. When over 1/2 a tank and just under the full mark the gauge will randomly drop down to empty and turn on the low fuel light then go back to the correct reading and will do this over and over again. my mechanic has looked at the car believes it’s the sending unit. Just wanted a second opinion before I spent the money for a fuel pump module for the car.

Your mechanic’s diagnosis sounds reasonable. I don’t think a faulty gauge would trip the low fuel light. A problem in the instrument cluster would effect more than the fuel gauge. If the problem was in the wiring the problem would appear any time, not just above 1/2 tank. The only way to be sure would be to monitor the signal at the connection on the tank. Probably not too practical. You didn’t say how expensive this repair will be. You might consider living with it.

I can buy a fuel pump module for about $175.00 comes w/sending unit my mechanic is my landlord and he charges about half what a shop would for labor. if i could turn off the chime in the car every time the light comes on i would live with it.

I have replaced a hundred of those level units, a common problem.

Last year I replaced the fuel pump module on my '96 stratus with an aftermarket unit and two week later the fuel gauge was acting as you described. I removed the fuel pump module and installed my original level unit on it. One day I’ll replace that cheap aftermarket pump.

this is the original unit in my car looks like i’m going to bite the bullet and replace it. thanks

i cold turn off the chime in the car ever time the light comes on i would live with it.

Why not just fix it properly?

i’m on a low budget as the song says.

or just don’t fill the tank past half way.