Dodge Ram 1500 Wrong FOB

Wrong FOB Started in 2015. Bought truck used 1k miles. I know why now. 4 times I have had wrong FOB and 4 times to the dealer and they give me another key. This time went to a locksmith that deals with FOB`s. I saved all past keys and they checked keys and said all are good. They feel it is either in the ignition switch or the brain. The brain like a computer has drivers for selected areas of the truck. IE Security. I told Dodge I thought it was something else besides the key but I am sure cost wise they did not want to fix. Took the easy way out and cheapest. They gave me warranties on the keys but it still happens. Now this key I have is out of warranty and I am using a back up. We can get you in next week so I need to go a week on a key that I am not sure about and might get stranded. Only Dodge dealer in the area and not sure where else to go besides a dealer. Advice is needed. This FOB has no buttons just battery or something in the key.

So do the fobs work at first and then stop working? Or do they never work?

I have a 2009 Dodge, and I’ve had more trouble with the key fobs than any other vehicle ever. I think I have 4-5 fobs now…and only one of them will actually do everything (start car, unlock, open hood, etc.). One fob will only start the car, but won’t unlock the doors. I’ve been to the locksmith several times and finally settled on having one “good” key.

I’d recommend trying a locksmith(s) to try and help. They can do the same work as the dealer, and for a lot less money.

It may not help, but know you’re not alone. I sure missed plain ol’ metal keys.

yes work for maybe up to 2 years and then wrong FOB. Go to dealer and they run there diagnostics and I get another key. Been saying a computer issue for years but dodge will not listen. I have 4 keys on my table that the locksmith said is good but will not start the truck.

Are you replacing the batteries in the fobs?

If you are, and you’re still getting that problem, probably the least-headache solution is to install an aftermarket keyless entry system or alarm (which will have keyless entry by default). Just bypass the factory stuff.

The “Wrong Fob” message comes from the immobilizer system, you can’t by pass that with an aftermarket alarm.

Ah, I read that as he can’t open the doors with the fobs, not that he can’t start the car. Never mind!

my fobs you cannot replace the battery. lock entry is a separate key like the old days. I talked to Ace Hardware and he matched my key and year of truck and said you order the key we plug into your truck and load the key. I said maybe that is what Dodge is has been doing all along instead of looking for the root problem. Of course the other day at Dodge they just wanted the appointment and then tried to sell me the farm.

The transmitters use a CR2032 battery, see pages 30 to 33 of the owners manual.

. Y keys do not open up

That is a plain key (with immobilizer), no transmitter and no need for a battery.

I thought you had the FOBIK;


There something in the key that is not connecting with the brain box of the truck. All Dodge does is get me another key that last about 2 years

There is a security transponder in the key handle and an antenna around the lock cylinder for the immobilizer computer.

Those keys are $20, buy them somewhere else.

Going to local hardware store tomorrow. I called and they matched the key to year of truck and said they can match key to ignition. Yes if it works alot cheaper then the dealer

And all this time people were trying to determine what the problem with the FOB when there was not one .

If the keys work for 2 years, I wonder if there is something going on with how the keys are being stored or something.

Or if more than one transponder type key is on the key ring.