1998 Dodge Ram 1500 transponder key / fob

Hi all. I bought an aftermarket fob for my 1998 Ram.

I’m following the instructions here 1998 Dodge Ram Truck (1500, 2500, 3500) Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming Instructions to try and program it, but my DLC is not wired at pin 1. Like there’s nothing attached to the connector and doesn’t look like there ever was. Any clues?


Have you ever had a working fob for this truck ?

Does your truck even have remote keyless entry ?

Just because you have power door locks, doesn’t mean your truck has remote keyless entry.

Apologies if it’s the wrong terminology. It has a fob something like this, but with a panic button:

It works fine.

I have a non-transponder key as well, but it’s easy to forget to not lock the doors. I’d like to either program a new after market fob, or find out a way to reset the immobilizer after it’s triggered. (without using the fob I have)

IOW I don’t want to have to come and rescue the wife again when she’s set off the immobilizer.

If you are using the correct key for the ignition then the immobilizer should not activate. Do you even have remote entry and if you do what happened to the original remote. You may need a lock smith or even a dealer to program this.

Did you read this part on Amazon, in the notes for this fob.

" * Programming Information: This will require programming by a local locksmith. There is no manual way for a user to perform it themselves."

or this

“Just because your vehicle is listed as compatible, it is only compatible IF part numbers match. Some vehicles have several available remote options.”

So if you don’t have the original fob to get the part number from, how do you know you bought the correct one ?

I had to have the ones for my Pontiac programmed at the dealer. They were exact replacements but the dealer said sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I think it cost about $100 for two of them. Next stop locksmith or dealer.

I do have the original fob.

It does have remote entry.

I bought a correct aftermarket fob.

But it turns out that the instructions provided with the aftermarket fob are probably wrong. At least according the to the manual. Instead it takes 2 working key fobs, which I don’t have, to get it into programming mode. :frowning_face:

The alarm can be disarmed by turning the key in the door lock cylinder, the remote is not needed. If the drivers door doesn’t work, try the passenger side, there are arm/disarm switches on both door lock cylinders.

If the lock cylinder switches have been knocked off by the helpful road side service, this should be repaired.

Old cars and trucks do not have ignition immobilizer systems and are a target for thieves, you should repair the security system and lock the doors.

I don’t think so. The alarm is activated by turning the non-transponder key in the lock cylinder. I then need to push unlock on the key fob to reset the alarm.

Old cars and trucks do not have ignition immobilizer systems and are a target for thieves, you should repair the security system and lock the doors.

This truck does have an ignition immobilizer system. But believe me, it would have to be a really desperate thief.

Dodge trucks did not have immobilizer systems until 2002, the first two Mopar vehicles with immobilizers were the 1998 Wrangler and convertibles.

A vehicle with an ignition immobilizer system will never start with a key that does not have the correct transponder, locking the doors is not a factor. Your truck has the common security system (alarm).

There are two ways to disarm the alarm, with the RKE transmitter and by rotating one of the door lock cylinders.

Are you sure of the year of your truck?

When I turn the (non transponder) key in the locked door, the horn starts beeping and the lights start flashing, and the ‘security’ indicator flashes on the console.

When I then try to start the truck, it starts and cuts out after a second or two.

When pushing unlock on the RKE the horn, lights, ‘security’ indicator reset, and the truck starts and runs normally.

The great enlightenment conflict between rationalism and empiricism raises it’s head again.

The VIN lookup says '98. Bought it used. I don’t know what else to tell ya.

Don’t you get the same results when you insert the transponder key in the door? Transponder keys are not recognized when used in a door, only the ignition.

I am certain that the lock cylinder disarm switch is broken, try the passenger side.