Dodge Neon 03 oil light problem

My car has 49,900 miles, after the car is warmed up and I come to a complete stop, my oil light will come on and off slowly and ding. As soon as a push on the gas it goes off and stays off till I come to a complete stop again. I had an oil change bout 3 days ago and they checked the oil pressure, they didn’t say I had no oil pressure. I am wondering what is going on cause my car runs good and no funny sounds. Can someone please help me, could it be the oil pressure sensor?

You have indications of low oil pressure. I hope that was not a quick change place that was changing the oil and checking it.

In any case anyone who checks this, and someone will need to as we can’t, should be able to tell you exactly what your oil pressure is at idle and at speed. While it could be a sensor going out and mis-reading I suspect that the pressure is low.

Did it do it both before and after the oil change? Was the change at a fast oil change place? Have you checked the oil level?

I had it done at Wal-Mart, I had them do the oil change and all the other fluids also, they give you a little print out of everything they check and it didn’t say anything next to the oil pressure only that it was checked and next to the oil level it said that I had over filled it. I have checked the oil and it is still good. Yes, it did do it before and after the oil change. My engine isn’t knocking or doing anything else that is weird. It is still quiet and runs smooth, just the light goes on and off while coming to a complete stop after the car has warmed up a little over the quarter line.