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2001 Dodge Neon Oil Light on at Low Idle

I have a 2001 Dodge Neon with 77000 miles. Recently had oil in the spark plug tube #2 and had the valve cover gasket replaced. Since then, the oil pressure light comes on when I’m at a stop light after the car is warmed up. The idle is at about 800 when the light comes on and if I rev it to about 900-1000 the light goes off. Just had an oil change yesterday with Valvoline Max Life so I know it’s full. The mechanic said when he did the valve cover gasket that everything looked great inside and no gunk or build up of any kind. Not sure what it could be or why it started suddenly after the valve cover gasket replacement.

Any help would be great!



In another thread i read something about the sending unit. Could this cause low pressure at idle? Is this easy to replace?

Get the oil pressure checked with a mechanical gauge or replace the sender. Either way, you will have your answer.

If I kept them, I could show you a bushel basket full of bad oil pressure sending units that caused this type of problem. If there’s no noises from the engine when the oil light comes on, it’s probably a bad oil pressure sending unit.