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Oil light comes on intermittently

My oil light keeps coming on when slowing down or at a stop light and goes off when accelerating. We changed the sensor and it still does it. We checked the oil pressure and oil pressure is good. We just replaced the heads due to a cracked head. The light was coming on before changing the heads and still comes on. Any idea why this happens and what is wrong with the car. I am afraid to drive it. There is oil in it and it reads full.

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
Engine type/size?
Maintenance history over the past 3 years or so?

Check the oil pressure again. Only this time let the engine idle until it comes up to full operating temperature while watching the pressure gauge. See what the oil pressure reads then.


When you checked your oil pressure, did you check it at full operating temperature at idle? What was it?

There may be two oil pressure sensors. One for high and one for low.

If it has high miles then engine wear will do this…esp main bearing wear…Use a thicker oil and it will go away…just what happens when you get higher miles

If the head was legitimately cracked, or even a head gasket problem existed, then it’s possible the engine oil was diluted with coolant. Once this happens it will wash out crankshaft bearings and lead to oil oil pressure.

You state the oil pressure is good. As per the usual, “good” is not defined. So what did the oil pressure check out at?

Hello, I am the technical manager at Fram filters, also a heavy engine tech with a repair shop. We have seen about 8 jeeps with this issue in our shop over the last two years. The oil pump pickup screen in the oil pan is partially clogged. That is why you have good oil pressure going down the road and low pressure when the engine is idling. The oil pan is not hard to remove and the pickup screen is around 18 bucks. Make sure to use locktite on the bolts holding it on. Good luck