Oil light

dodge intrepid 2003 2.7l

put new oil switch and changed oil and oil light sill com on when i slow down or stop.

if i put in neutral light come off

I am not familier with this particular car, but…Usually when you get an oil light only when the car is in idle, it means the engine bearings are worn out. You have an automatic, and my guess is that idle speed increases the rpms a little when the drag of the donut (which is like the clutch of the automatic transmission) decreases when you put it in neutral. Take it to a mechanic who has a code reader, and find out what the codes are, if you are lucky it is something else, but I doubt it.

The original switch was probably still good. You are not getting enough oil pressure at idle. Could be the oil pump going bad, or dirt and gunk on the oil pick up screen in the pan, or signs of the motor wearing out.

Drop the oil pan and clean out the crud and also clean the pick up screen. Then get an oil pressure guage and check the actual oil pressure at idle and in increments of 1000 rpm, 1000, 2000, 3000. The oil pressure should go up with each increase. I’m not sure what the spec is for oil pressure on your motor but it is in the technical manuals. At 3,000 rpm you should be at 40 or higher and at idle 5 to 7.

Perhaps the cleaning is all you’ll need, but if the pressures check out on the low side it might need a new oil pump. If the pressures are ok and the light still goes on you might have clogged oil passages from sludge build up, or it could be a sign the engine is getting old and worn and needs new bearings.

First clean the pan and screen and check the actual oil pressures. This info will give you an idea where to go next to resolve the problem.

This symptom generally exists in well worn engines. How many miles do you have on this engine?

Have the actual pressure at idle when warm verified with a test oil pressure gage. You can have a shop do this or pick up a kit at any parts store. It’s a simple procedure.

Post the results here. If the pressre is actually good, yuou can suspect the sending unit. If the pressure really is low, we’ll offer suggestions.

103,000 miles and when i put in neutral the idol is faster and light goes off