Neon 03 Oil light warning?

My car has 49,900 miles, after the car is warmed up and I come to a complete stop, my oil light will come on and off slowly and ding. As soon as a push on the gas it goes off and stays off till I come to a complete stop again. I had an oil change at walmart bout 3 days ago and they checked the oil pressure. They give you a little print out on everything they check and it didn’t have anything next to the oil pressure only that they checked it. I am wondering what is going on cause my car runs good and no funny sounds. Can someone please help me, could it be the oil pressure sensor?

First check your oil level. There are a number of possible problems. Assuming the level is OK I would next have someone else check the pressure.

BTW who changed the oil? I would not have been a quick change place was it? If so that would just out as the #1 suspect.

I’m not sure why you did two different posts for two different problems on the same car, but after reading both I am beginning to wonder if the two problems are related.

In your other post, you mention that the car is consuming antifreeze/coolant. In this post, you mention the symptoms of low oil pressure. If you have a bad head gasket, coolant could be leaking into the crankcase, thereby diluting the motor oil. Since the coolant is not a lubricant, this can lead to wear on bearings and other internal engine parts. Wear of these parts can lead to low oil pressure.

So–to put it all together, I think that you should get the car to a real mechanic (NOT the guys at Wal-Mart, or Sears, or Midas, or any other chain) and have it checked for a possible blown head gasket. While 50,000 miles is very early for a head gasket to go bad, it is not impossible and unless you have this attended to very quickly, your engine could very soon be toast. Obviously, you also want the mechanic to check your oil pressure.

Good luck, and remember to put ALL of the car’s problems into one post if you want a comprehensive answer.

I missed that other message or I did not connect the two. It is never a good idea to treat each issue as if it were independent. As it happens as as VDC pointed out they may well be connected and only by having both sets of data can we give the most meaningful answer.