Dodge Durango Noise

Lately I’ve been getting a noise that sounds like when oversize tires “hum” while driving my 2003 Durango, 2 wheel drive, 4.7L. I’m using standard M&S on the factory 15" rims (You know the ones where the tiny little Ram hubcaps keep popping off) with about 30 K miles and plenty of tread left. The “humming noise” stops when negotiating curves to the right and only the right. The tires are balanced & rotated regularly, last within the past 2 weeks, with no apparent uneven wear that occurs when the shocks are worn. There appears to be no pull to either the left or right like an alignment problem, nor is there any hint of vibration in the steering even at more than 100 MPH (I live in Germany and the only restriction is that damn American chip). There are about 87K, mostly highway miles on the vehicle and the “humming” noise only occurs while moving, so it?s not in the engine or power accessories. I’m looking for a second opinion as to a diagnosis.


I would suggest feeling around the both edges of all four tyres.  See if you feel a wavy surface.  Other than that, I would tend to consider wheel bearings.

Have the front wheel bearings checked. I had this problem with a 2000 Blazer when I bought new tires. The pitch of the hum will change when you turn the wheel off-center (i.e. changing lanes).

Ed B.

Laminated wheel bearing - guaranteed.

Pull the hubs throughly clean the bearings and inspect, the failed bearing will have small pock marks like small planishing hammer marks around the race surface, they don’t look like much but they make a hell of a noise, you’ll also feel the bearing turning rough in the race.

If the noise is one way only it will probably only be 1 bearing, the noise increases when the load increases on that bearing face. I’d change both bearings and the hub seal. If you’re feeling good spring $10 for a bearing packer to properly pack the bearings and eliminate voids.