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Strange Hum while driving

So over the past year, I’ve noticed an increased ‘hum’ while driving in my 2001 Honda Accord Sedan. Originally this only occurred while going 80 on the Interstate. I just passed it off as going over the speed limit and tires then. Over the past few months however, I’ve noticed it occurring at speeds as low as 30-40mph. It’s not deafening, but is a solid ‘mmmmm’ coming from what sounds like the rear left tire. When I make a right-turning curve the sound lessens or vanishes during that curve entirely, but a left-turning curve makes no change to the sound. As I slow to below 30mph, the sound disappears.

The rear tires are due for replacing soon, but I’ve driven on MUCH barer tires in college with no recollection of this sort of sound (in other cars). The wheel appears to be solid with no wobble as well.

My guess is that you have a bad wheel bearing. If so, you definitely want to address this before it fails completely, which could end badly.

I agree, possible wheel bearing.

Keep your speed below 20 MPH and get it checked quickly.

I also agree with @lion9car A hum which changes intensity on a curve is a dead giveaway for a wheel bearing.