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Dodge door motor reliability

I and my daughter have identical 2005 Dodge Grand Caravans. Between us we have had to have 3 door motors replaced (under warranty), but the warranty is running

out. Can we expect to have some of the rest of the door motors to also need replacing or is this just an unlucky coincidence?


Explain what you mean when you say "door motors’. Power window motors? Power door locks?

I’m assuming you mean power window motors, and I’ve had the same luck with our 2001 Grand Caravan. First the driver side, then the passeneger…haven’t replaced the passenger side yet. I don’t know if it really is a common problem, but I have heard that it is. I’m going to try an aftermarket window regulator/motor when I do the passenger side.

A lot of the time the fault lies with corroded power window switches and not the window motor itself.

I found this out after a day of trial and err. Running around (and phoning) from one scrapyard to another to prevent paying a dealer $110 (CDN) for a double window switch (drivers door console).

Manufacturers thought it a fabulous idea to mount power window and lock switches in the drivers door arm rest for all us lazy drivers.

Well guess what? Nobody thought of coffee shop drive-throughs in the RAIN.

THEN someone else got rich making door top rain deflectors or whatever they’re called.

FYI, the drivers door window motor and the passengers door window motor are not interchangeable in the GMs. Just in case a scrapper tries to tell you they are the same.

Guys, I’m betting it’s the motors for the power sliding doors, not any of the window motors.

I have read that these have been problematic. I don’t know if the replacement motors are any better than the originals. It’s vital for the longevity of the motors that the tracks be kept clean and the mechaisms be kept properly lubricated.

I agree with NYBo that the OP is referring to the motors that power the sliding doors. And, as he said, these have definitely been problematic on Chrysler’s vans.

Referring to the motors that open and close the sliding doors
and the rear hatch.
Had the right one replaced as it was hard to open and close (manually).
The other van had same symptom on right sliding door in addition the rear hatch motor quit working.
Just noticed that the left sliding door is also starting to be harder to open and close.

I did notice in a web search that a few other people had the same complaint, but that
is not enought to be statistically significant.
Thanks for the replies.