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Dodge charger Base 2011, 16K

Hi, I was trying to get a hummer but I change my mind.

Now I’m trying to get

Dodge Charger 2011
34000 miles

They have this car in 17300 but they told me that that was the last price, So I want to ask you guys.

Do you think that this car is a good deal?

I mean is overpriced?

Thanks for reply every one !

Here is the car

Is there a repair question? If you want resale car prices there are sites that do that, or if all fails Google is your friend.

The auto web site has a good tool called “True Market Value”. You get to it with several mouse clicks starting in the used car section. The values are pretty accurate. It is hard to offer an opinion on pricing of a specific car without seeing it and having more info.

In general I think the Charger family of cars has a pretty good track record on maintenance and repairs.

I agree with Uncle Turbo. But I’d suggest you test drive the base model before buying it. While the Hemi version is fun to drive and has plenty of power (and not so great gas mileage), I feel the base model is somewhat under powered. You be the judge.

Does it have 22" rims? Sweet.

You have to drive this vehicle before you make a decision as @oblivion has already stated. Then take the Charger to a good independent mechanic and have them check it over from bumper to bumper. This is a vehicle that I could live with as it’s a much better vehicle than a Hummer and a better value as well.

@oblivion: This car has the 3.6L Pentastar motor, which has both good power and fuel economy. I think it’s worth a look. However, I’m having a hard time understanding leap from a Hummer H3 to this car.

I saw one just like it on the road the other day. It’s an attractively styled car. Good idea to see what Consumer Reports says about its reliability, so a visit to your local public library before making an offer might be a good idea.

You should try and run down the history of the car if at all possible. The price is not too bad nor is the mileage, but if it was a lease car that never saw an oil change, or very few of them, it might be a good idea to run from it.

Still a way better deal than a Hummer…

You should also get any used car you consider thoroughly checked out by an independent mechanic. It should cost you about $100+/-. There’s no telling what’s hiding underneath.

I probably wouldn’t buy from an outfit with such a poorly done website, check out a few of the “descriptions” of the various cars they offer, they recycle the same form layout only changing the model and year.