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My van has 174295 miles. To fix the coolant system it costs $1,000.00. The price to sell the car is $400.00 My question is should i repair the car and sell it or should i just sell it as it is? Or should I repair it and keep the car?

Haven’t you answered your own post? $1000 to fix a $400 car? If it won’t be worth $1400 after the repair then there is really no point in doing it. Sell it as a “mechanic’s special”

What’s the year/make/model?

I agree that financially it makes sense not to put $1000 into a van worth $400.

But… you also need to ask if the vehicle is otherwise reliable and meets your needs, both present and future. Also, can you afford to buy a new (or new to you) vehicle? Points to ponder…

Good luck.

Maybe we should do a sanity check on the $ they estimated for the repair. What exactly is the shop saying needs to be repaired/replaced? What happened to make you take the car in for service?


It has long been my belief that a car’s value to its owner is often far higher than its bluebook value.
If you have a car that is reliable overall, you like it, and it meets your needs, and if it would cost thousands to find a replacement, than its true value is thousands rather than hundreds.

Many years ago I had a pickup with 200,000 miles that needed a timing chain. A number of folks told me “don’t bother; the truck isn’t worth it”. I changed the timing chain anyway. I eventually changed the clutch at 295,000 miles and gave it to my daughter. It served her reliably until it was totaled at 338,000 miles. By putting a new chain in it, the truck gave me many more years of service, it gave me far more value than its bluebook price was when I put the chain in.


Yeah, what do you think? Spending $1000 before selling a car for $400? Maybe the question would be what is the new value after the repair? If not over $1400, why bother? Agree though that kind of cooling issue costs $1000? Radiator, flush, heater core, head gasket?

I second this, when my 05 T&C needed a new radiator, I think we paid mid-upper 300s for diagnosis, parts, labor, and supplies (it was 3-4 years ago…)…OP, year of your Town & Country as well as exactly what is being done to “fix the coolant system” would be immensely helpful

I agree that you should get more estimates from mechanics you can trust. If you plan to keep your van, then it might make sense to make the repair. If this $1000 or so fixes the problem and you keep the van for another couple of years or more, the repair is worth it.

It can definitely make sense to spend $1000 to repair a car currently worth $400. It all depends what the alternatives are. A new car is going to cost a heck of a lot more than $1000. A new car might set you back $1000 a month, after taking into account the monthly payment & higher taxes & insurance costs. A used replacement car is still going to cost a pretty penny after all is said and done. And a lot of time spent to find one you like.

Whether it makes sense to fix this particular car, it depends on what problems it has, what that $1000 is intended to fix, and the condition of the rest of the car. Give us a little more info OP.

How do you use the van? And can $400 get you a substitute for that use?

You can also check out this site for more focus on a Chrysler TC:

I use it for everyday transport and traveling. No, I don’t think I can get a substitute for it
My car is a Chrysler Town&Country 2006, with 174 313 miles. Thanks for your info.

Okay, thanks for your input, but how do you sell it as a mechanics special, what is the process I would need to take in order for that to apply to selling the car.

I missundertood the purpose of the $1,000.00. The money is meant to fix the A/C System Also for some of you guys asking other findings were:
-Brake flush due fluid exceeds 2% moisure content which can lead to brake performance issues.
-Coolant flush:high acid ph level
-Drive belts inspection sowed replacement of the A/C drive belt is recommended
-Brake Systems, Front Brakes:rear brakes at 10 mm need to perform brake inspection to measure rotors.

To answer your second question, the reason why I need to take the car to repair is because the car is leaking coolant and overheating.

You are going to sell your van for $400 because the air conditioning doesn’t work and it is time for new coolant and brake fluid? Unless it is in poor condition someone might be getting a good deal on a used minivan.

If you buy another used vehicle it may not be long before it needs the same repairs and maintenance.

Nothing special you need to do except be honest when you list it for sale. Title transfer is the same. Couldn’t hurt to have them sign a statement that the car is As-Is, Where-Is.

To confirm, the $1000 would be for the A/C system and leaking coolant and overheating problems?
The other items you listed above are ‘findings’ that are not part of the $1000 estimate?

Are there more details on what is going to be done for the $1000? Does your A/C work at all right now?
The nature of the coolant leak might cover the overheating problem (and it might easily include enough new coolant to take care of the coolant flush ‘finding’).
And if the A/C isn’t working, it might be a separate issue from the cooling system. Possibly separate enough that you have option to choose no A/C for a while.

$1,000.00 is only for the A/C Comp w/ clutch- new.
Those findings are not part of the $1,000.00.
The air conditioning is working, but there is a leak.
$1,000.00 is for the following:
A/C Comp w/ clutch- new includes:
A/C Compressor-Remove and Replace
A/C System- Complete Charge- w Front and Rear Unit (includes:Air conditioning system recover,evacuate and recharge

You have a good point!

Good idea,