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Should a buy a 2007 charger or a 2011 vw cc sport

I am stuck please help. I am looking to buy a car and I am stuck between the 2007 charger and the cc sport. they both have similar miles and a similar price. of course the cc sport is better look over all. but they are know to have issues. please advise.

No, I wouldn’t. There are too many better choices out there.
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so your saying neither is a good choice?

All I can do is state my opinion based on a car I’d purchase because you have not provided any information as to why you have narrowed your decision to just these 2 vehicles.

What things are most important to YOU in a vehicle? How will you be using the vehicle? What is drawing you to these 2 cars?

Give us more detailed information and you’ll receive better opinions than the lousy one I gave (GIGO).

By the way, with no additional information, If I had to choose one of those 2, I’d choose the Dodge. Do you need (front) FWD or (All) AWD?
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Agreed 100%.

For what it’s worth… I’d avoid buying a used Volkswagen anything. But your mileage may vary…


Police cruisers are mostly Dodge Charger so they should be pretty reliable.

Take the one you like most to a mechanic you trust for a pre-purchase inspection. If it checks out well, then negotiate a good price. If there are too many problems, get the other car inspected and decide whether you want to buy it.

I wouldn’t suggest either myself, but if I had to chose between the two I’d probably go for the VW. But that’s mostly b/c I’ve owned a VW and never owned a Dodge/Chrysler product. It’s based on The devil you know logic .

Appears that both have their problem area’s but at this age and mileage you’re looking at the condition of the cars and if those particular potential faults have been addressed or not. The Charger’s seem to have a problem getting stuck in park and the VW has a history of problems with the timing chain tensioner.

Are you looking at a V6 or V8 Charger? a co-worker has had good overall luck with her 300 with a V6 that’s a couple years newer and another would have put another 130,000 miles on her 2004 Durango Hemi if a huge oak tree hadn’t landed right on top of it. Thankfully missing the house.

If you like the CC better take it to your local VW expert and have an inspection done The shop’s that I know will give you their opinion on that year/model, could go many years with little more than normal servicing but hard to say without knowing service history or the overall condition of each car.

I based my suggestion on the fact that I worked at Volkswagen dealers for over 5 years and owned and drove VWs and have owned many Dodges and still own one. I went with the devil I know logic and would definitely choose Dodge.
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Police departments and other public agencies almost always base their fleet buying decisions on purchase price, not on the reliability of a given model.


Good point. It also depends on how they write their purchase specifications.

Both are used cars. Flip a coin. Seriously. A lot depends upon how a car is driven and maintained.