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The value of an 83 jeep CJ5

I came across a guy with an 83 CJ5 for sale. He had it listed at $5000. The outside is in pretty good shape with a new “best Top” and frame. The inside is in OK shape, not as good as the outside but OK. It drove fine but the steering was very tight. IS that normal on an old jeep? There was also a lot of fluid under the power steering well. He said that he was just topping it of and spilled it.
After some haggling he agreed to let it go for $2700. Is this a good deal??? It seems great to me but I am the first to admit I dont really know what im talking about. I would really appreciate some opinions, Thanks

$2700 for a 28 year old Jeep with an unknown steering problem (well, actually, I know what it is…the steering ram is shot) being sold by a guy who lied about the fluid?

No, this is not a good deal. It isn’t even a bad joke.

If someone knew a lot about old Jeeps and wanted one to refurbish it might just be a good deal for them, depending on its true condition, but this is definitely a mistake for you.

If he was willing to drop almost half the asking price with just some haggling something is very wrong. Run, run like the wind!!

Yep, run away. Old CJs can have lots of issues, if you “really don’t know what I’m talking about” you need to find one that’s in GREAT shape, confirmed by a mechanic. You’ll pay more, but you’ll be much happier.

Most people on this message board advise against old vehicles, I think an old project vehicle is a good way to learn mechanical skills. When I was 16 years old I enjoyed going under my car and coming out with broken wrenches and bloody knuckles.

With this CJ you will learn how to top off the power steering fluid every day like the seller and then how to replace the steering gear box. Engine and transmission leaks you may get used to.

In the west old CJ’s are for sale between $2000 and $5000 so the price may be ok, as long as there is little or no rust.

If you want an inexpensive Jeep I wood recommend a 1997 and up Wangler. Better suspension and more reliable.

BTW, I have a 1970 CJ5.

I am making a huge leap based on your name…do you live in NYC? If yes, no way should you go for it…if iam wrong about that fact, and assuming you have a garage and are willing (and able) to learn and get your hands dirty, I second the “might bee fun to learn on” BUT I would also recommend a 97+ wrangler for myriad reasons.

BTW, I once had an 83 CJ7. Great fun off the pavement, poor choice for anything else, IMO.

If you don’t plan on driving off road avoid this vehicle irregardless of the price.

They are very unsafe, slow, miserable, have voracious appetites for fuel. Off road they are stellar. The steering problem needs to have a mechanic check it out before proceeding if you must buy.

Find a Jeep with like others said that is 97+. Anything with a carburetor should be avoided IMHO.