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Dodge Caliber 2007

My daughters vehicle has over 80,000 miles on it. It currently is at the dealership with transmission problems. It has a CVT transmission and I understand there have been many problems with this unit. What does it take for a car manufacturer to recall and fix these problems? This is a very expensive transmission to replace.

It’s recommended that the CVT transmission fluid be changed every 30k miles.
Has this been done?

"What does it take for a car manufacturer to recall and fix these problems? "
The Government Must Order It Based On Safety Reasons. However, The Manufacturer Can Authorize A Campaign Or Goodwill Warranty Extension.

Can you add more detail to “transmission problems ?” What are the symptoms ? What is it doing and / or / not doing ?


CVT transmaisions are generally not repairable, and even Nissan dealers simply exchange the unit. If it’s under warranty, it’s free, if not it’s $3500+. A vehicle with CVT, no matter how good otherwise, will have a life of only 15 years max, since at the first sign of transmission problems the fix will exceed the value of the vehicle. Hopefully, in the future there may be a rebuilding exchange service, but that will only happen if there are many thousands on the road.

We’re Jumping Ahead Here A Bit. “Transmission Problems” Can Include ECM And TCM Issues And There Have Been Some Of These For 07 Calibers. That’s Why I’m Fishing For More Info.

The problem could be of an internal transmission nature, but no sense jumping to put in a $3500 trans if the problem is in a controller. I just need more information, first.