Known 2014 Nissan Altima CVT problems?

Are there any problems with the cvt on this years model. I own one and have had no problems as of yet with this years model thanks

There was a notice recently of such an owner of a Nissan who had the CVT pack it in 4 months after the warranty expired.

The dealer virtually hung up on him, and quoted $4000 for a replacement transmission. There are no shops to repair or rebuild them. I dissuade anyone from buying a car with a CVT.

The current transmission shops don’t want to have anything to do with them either.

Consumer Reports says it has better than average reliability for Transmission Major and Transmission Minor. If you use it and maintain it per owners manual your chances are good to avoid problems.

I’m seeing about a half dozen customer interest bulletins regarding your vehicle’s CVT. Suggest to ask your dealership for a copy. For example, 15-083: CVT Controls, shudder, shaking.

I suspect that many CVT failures are caused by failure to change the fluid regularly. The schedule for your Nissan shows 30k miles intervals which is common.

So how many miles and how often if ever has the fluid been changed?

Of course many people never have this done and when the CVT flys south permanently they start looking for a scapegoat to place the blame on; meaning Nissan.
I’m not saying that YOU are guilty of this; only that it’s a common character trait.

here’s the “problem” as I see it, and this isn’t exclusive to Nissan

Many owner’s manuals instruct you to ONLY replace the cvt fluid at a specific mileage if the vehicle is being used in severe service

And people say “Well, that doesn’t apply to me, since I don’t tow and the car isn’t a taxi.”

And they gleefully go on their way . . .


There may be a 2014 Altima out there that has a problem with the CVT. However, it isn’t your Altima, so I would keep on driving down the road and not worry about it. Follow the service intervals recommended in the owner’s manual and drive on.
As an analogy, I was once assigned to teach a class of 200 elementary education majors in a course designed to give them some computer skills. Of the 200 students, four of the students went to the administration and complained that I was too demanding in what I required of the students in the course. I was called in by some administrator and told that there were complaints. When I found out that the complaints came from 4 students, I asked the administrator to check with the other 196 students. The 4 students weren’t turning in the assignments while the other 196 were doing their assignments. The administrator said he didn’t have time to check with the other students. I retorted that I didn’t set the curriculum for the class based on what 4 students thought the content of the course should be and stormed out of the administrator’s office. Think about your Altima. There are probably hundreds of Altimas running up and down the road with no CVT problems. Perhaps the few that had transmission problems weren’t maintained or driven hard just as the 4 students that complained about me were lazy and skipped class frequently. Drive on and don’t worry.

Follow the severe service intervals

if the book says to replace cvt fluid at 30K for severe service, for example, . . . just do it

Don’t be the guy that never services it, and then your transmission is toast at 75K. I just threw that number out there . . .

Let me add one more comment on durability complaints about transmissions. When I was in high school, the parents of several of my classmates had 1955 Buicks equipped with the Dynaflow automatic transmissions. There were numerous transmission failures with these 1955 Buicks. When my classmates were driving these Buicks, they would rev the engines up in neutral and then shift into low range. With this kind of driving, the transmissions failed at an alarming rate. Yet, I knew many people who had 1955 Buicks that never had transmission problems. Now the Dynaflow automatic transmission didn’t allow for as quick acceleration as other makes of automatic transmissions such as the GM Hydramatic, but the Dynaflow automatic transmissions lasted well when driven sensibly. I would bet if the OP drives the Altima using common sense and maintains the transmission by the owner’s manual, the CVT transmission will not be troublesome.

But if he buys into the idea of “lifetime” fluid . . .