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2012 Nissan Sentra

I have a 15 month old Nissan Sentra CVT transmission. It is approaching 30000 miles. Dealers are offering service starting from $275 to $800. Major cost components are changing brake fluid and changing CVT fluid. Do I need to change these? How often brake and CVT fluids need changing. Is there a place (website) who can show what needs changing without any other commercial interest? Dealer websites are not helpful.

I always endup spending more on maintenace. Not this time. I’d appreciate your comments.

Read ur manual. Some cars with cvt trans tell u to add a fluid conditioner at 50k? And change fluid at 100k. Sounds like a dealer wallet conditioner to me. But that being said, I assume any cvt trans will fail at 59 miles past the warranty? Ask ur dealer what he thinks of cvt trans after warranty runs out.

At 30,000 miles the only thing you should be changing (besides regular engine oil and oil filter) are air and possibly fuel filters. Stay away from dealers for service as they are typically more expensive and are really good at convincing you that you need a bunch of other services. You should get 100,000 miles before its necessary to change any more than the above, with occasional periodic visual inspections. Perhaps front brakes pads if you drive aggressively. You will not do damage to anything by following the above rules, regardless of what you hear other places.

If you can’t find your maintenance schedule you can view it at

Changing the CVT fluid is recommended but not required unless towing, using a car-top carrier or traveling on unpaved roads. You should change the CVT fluid if you plan on keeping this vehicle beyond the warranty period (not a leased vehicle to be returned in six months).

Most mechanics on this board recommend changing transmission fluid every 30,000 miles (they talked me into it). While that is with a traditional automatic, it may hold for a CVT as well. It would be great if a transmission specialist would weigh in.