Dodge 1500 window issues

I have a 2004, 1500 dodge truck. The rear window will not go up or down. In testing I found that the switch was bad and the motor was shot. How much would it cost to have this fixed in a shop. Now I know I can do this my self and the parts are not to expensive I was even ready to do this myself. But the reason I ask … sigh, my mother thought she would do me a favor while I was at work and take it to the shop. they charged her $756.00 for repairs on this. Is this what average shops charge for $149.00 in part and 4 hr in labor for a job that should have taken 2 hrs tops.

I just have to know…is this a 4-door truck?

Yes it is a 4 door

An aftermarket part might be $149, but an OEM part is probably at least twice that. I priced a motor/regulator assembly for my 1998 Buick Regal several years ago and it was over $300 from the dealer.

As to the labor, is this a rear door window it is it a power window in the rear of the cab? If it is behind the seat, the seat would have to be moved and then the tech would need to open the body panel to get at the regulator. If it is the rear door, I think a couple of hours might be about right. But that is for me, and I’m not a professional with all the right tools.

Those window regulators/motors are easy to replace, that is if you are referring to the window in the right or left doors and not the rear sliding window.

The labor to replace one window regulator is one hour, I never charged a diagnostic fee to check these, it is rather routine.

Yes it is a full rear door. I just did one of these on friend truck and it took me 2 hours for my first time. I did my 2003 dodge caravan front door as well in about the same time and price. the price for the OEM parts are $202.00

I didn’t find the job difficult. The hardest part was getting the door card off without damaging it. If you get a pry tool for the door card, it is a lot easier. The aftermarket regulator/motor combo often doesn’t fit well. Check the premium Dorman parts on line. They fit without a lot of hassle and seem to work for a few years. But at $202 for the Dodge part, I’d go OEM.