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2002 Durang Driver Side Window


The driver side window wont go up or down, the motor works and I took a look and the metal wire is loose and found some broken plastic pieces inside the door. I guess is were the wire was running thru. Is this an easy replacement, I have done it on a 1998 Caravan before and was not pretty.

Right now you are the best judge of difficulty. My guess is that you will have to replace the regulator. If you are unsure, go directly to the shop. Winter is a-coming.

Tape the window in place, full up position. I’ve found it’s easier to leave the glass in place rather than remove it.

Disconnect regulator from the glass. Remove the regulator from the door. You probably need a new or used regulator, dealer will be expensive. Check or other source to replace the broken part.

Here’s a new regulator with motor for $57 at,carcode,1384635,parttype,10217 Click on “more info” to see a good picture of it. The job will be easier once you can see what you’re dealing with.

Once you click on “more info” then click on “installation instructions.” This should be everything you need to know. Try this:

Is the window frame bent or did the window meet with too much resistance? This could have put too much strain on the cable and plastic pieces.

Thanks, I will do the work this week its seems to be less difficult that the Caravan work that was a bad motor.