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Do you wear driving gloves

Do driving gloves give you more control?

Only if your hands are slipping off your steering wheel. Are they?

Generally, no. I do prefer a leather steering wheel but can’t always get that. A nice thin leather driving glove is nice, especially with a plastic wheel. With power steering grip really isn’t an issue in normal driving. If you prefer a glove it is likely due to “feel”.

In racing the cars have little to no power steering and a glove would improve grip. I would likely use a driving glove if I was into club racing on the local race track.

I get leather or pretend leather steering covers. Like the steering feel a bit more sturdy in my clumsy hands.

I install a leather steering wheel cover if the car doesn’t come with one.

I wear gloves in the winter, but not in the summer.

If you are racing gloves are mandatory. For safety, not better control.

I don’t think they give you better control. I have a pair I bought at a truck stop when I was a truck driver. I only wear them on long trips. I believe they reduce hand fatigue, but most of us don’t spend enough time behind the wheel to need them on a regular basis. A good steering wheel cover will also help fight hand fatigue.

I also have a pair of old leather motorcycle gloves that I wear on cold mornings until the car warms up.

I don’t like wearing gloves at all. However, when it is really cold, I have to wear gloves. I picked up a very cheap pair of unlined gloves made from some animal hide and I don’t remember what animal. I bought the gloves at a Rural King farm store. The gloves are a hideous yellow color, but not only are they comfortable, but they are wonderful driving gloves in the winter. These gloves don’t hinder my control as do the lined gloves.

No, I don’t. If I drove fast enough to need them, I would be on the track. Street driving does not require driving gloves.

No one needs them in the family Impala or Voyager, but always use them on the motorcycle.

The gloves I like are Deerskin work gloves. Not expensive, sturdy, and if they get wet the dry out without getting ruined. Started using them riding motorcycles and use them now on cold winter mornings driving the car.

The secret about driving gloves: People wear them because it keeps them from picking their nose. They may serve a purpose, such as keeping your hands warm while driving a convertible sports car on cloudy days.

I find it too difficult to text message and drive with gloves. Seriously though, why ? Unless you have a palm sweating problem I see no advantage in the family sedan.

Deerskin roper gloves are great for many applications other than roping cattle.

Thanks, UncleTurbo. The gloves I refered to are deerskin work gloves. I wear them for everything. My wife has a fit–thinks they are ugly. However, I would rather be ugly than uncomfortable.


Well, Mrs. Triedaq thinks I wear them for everything. She bought me some really nice dress gloves, but they aren’t as comfortable for me as these cheap deerskin work gloves from Rural King. With the cold weather we have had here in the midwest, it seems as though I never take them off.

I’ve only known 3 people that ever wore driving gloves. And all three owned BMW’s…and I was afraid to be on the same road with them.

I wear gloves for only two reasons when driving a car:

Its winter, and its cold.

Its summer, I’m in my Porsche, and I’m on a racetrack.

When driving the Porsche in the summer heat, my hands tend to get a bit sweaty, and having the gloves on allows me to still have good control of the steering wheel, while working the car through the corners, at full speed.


Yes, in the winter on short trips I wear lined leather gloves, since both our cars have thick steering wheels that do not accommodate steering wheel covers.

On long trips in cold weather I wear curling gloves. These are thin leather gloves with vent holes on to that curlers wear on the ice (rink temperature just above freezing) to keep their hands warm and not lose that delicate touch needed to handle the curling stone. I believe they are made of deerskin or lamb skin. They cost abut $25-$30.

In warmer weather I don`t wear any gloves.

Very good point.

… racing gloves are mandatory. For safety, not better control.
They were probably for better control, until fire became the overriding fear of organizers.

These were probably to drive better.

While these are for thermal protection. They put an additional layer of Nomex between your hand and the controls. All drivers have the same handicap.