How did driving gloves evolve to what they were before Nomex?

Sports car and racing drivers wore gloves of soft leather, with external seams, open knuckles with keyhole backs. Gloves show ventilation holes, with short cuffs, and stud fasteners. Does anyone know the history of how these came about and what each feature was for?

Read this article. It explains how riding gloves started with the horse and buggy and evolved into what they are today.

That does not explain why they have external seams.
When did they start to use simple holes for ventilation?
Nothing there about the reason for open knuckles or key hole backs. Or why they call them keyhole, or string backs?
How come driving gloves as used by Gran Prix drivers, did not have gauntlets, like the fire retardant Nomex racing gloves in use today?
Did they have dark palms on the gloves to use for signaling?
How long ago did they start using snaps near the wrist and why?
Are driving gloves supposed to cover the racing drivers chronograph watch?
Were driving gloves required in Formula one and sports car racing?