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Why do cars have glove boxes?

Why do cars have glove boxes?

Where did they come from and why?

A place for your stuff. ( a la George Carlin )

They started out as what they’re named - a place for the driver to store his gloves.

As I remember, some European cars did not have glove boxes. My 1971 Maverick did not have a glove box, but just had a package tray under the dashboard. I bought a kit from J.C. Whitney that consisted of two sliding doors so I could conceal my junk.

It’s so that a P.I on surveillance has somewhere to put…

  • Ding Dongs
  • Zingers
  • The manual
  • Backup Piece
  • 8x10 blackmail pictures

Because gloves were considered a necessity on early, topless cars.

They started out as a place to store your driving gloves which were considered necessary for driving. Trust me drive in an open air car when it’s cold and you’ll understand the need for driving gloves.

My opinions are subject to change with new facts.

I have it on good authority that the glove box gives certain members of the clergy a place to store booze. My own minister told me this story: A Methodist minister and a Catholic priest collided at an intersection. Both clergy got out of their cars to inspect the damage. The Methodist minister was rather shaken up. The Catholic priest went to his car, opened the glove box and pulled out a bottle. “Have a drink”, he said to the Methodist minister. “No”, replied the Methodist. “I don’t drink”. "Well, said the priest. “How often are you involved in an auto accident?” “This is my first one”, exclaimed the Methodist minister. “Then you had better have one for your nerves”, retorted the priest. Finally the Methodist minister took a swig. It was so good that he had several more belts before the priest put the bottle back in the glove box. The Methodist minister suddenly came to his senses. “You were in the same accident. When are you going to take a drink?” he asked. The Catholic priest replied, “Oh, I’ll have a drink after the police have investigated”.

I like that, but think it must be tied to a place to store gloves.

The glove box came along about the time of prohibition. You wouldn’t dare call it a “booze box”. Hence it was called a glove box to throw off the feds.

Out in Nevada, it’s for your meatloaf! (forget where I heard that)

The Russian Lada has a very useful “glove box”. It is slanted downward, deep and can store 2 bottles of vodka! About the only redeeming feature of this Russian version of a Fiat.

The was a GREAT HBO special he did on Stuff…some 20+ years ago.

It must be difficult to drink and drive in a Lada. Once the cork is removed, the elixir will spill all over. How do they overcome this pressing issue?

But you always need more stuff and stuff to put the other stuff in. :slight_smile:

They’re there to put stuff in. They came from the factory. Why do cars have trunks?

Actually, it is very difficult to drive a Lada (in Russia), if you are not drunk.

I just bought looser trousers.

I understand they’re old, and they’re leather, and they’re motorcycle, but WHY DO YOU KEEP THE GLOVES IN THE CAR WHERE THEY ARE COLD INSTEAD OF IN THE HOUSE WHERE THEY WOULD BE WARM?

Since when did vodka come with a cork?